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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

In Memory

On Christmas Eve on of our most avid readers, Sgt. Myla L. Maravillosa, 24, of Wahiawa, died of injuries sustained in Al Hawijah, Iraq, when her Humvee was attacked by enemy forces using rocket-propelled grenades. She was pursuing a religious vocation and had hopes of that after her tour of duty. Let us pause a moment and offer a prayer for her.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas Concert in our Chapel

The two concerts in our Boston Chapel concluded our 2005 Christmas Concert season. These concerts are a musical way of announcing the joy of the birth of Christ. Before each concert the sisters who are singing gather in prayer for those who will be participating in the concerts, that they will truly be a channel of God's grace, radiance, and love to all these people. The Concerts are a work of the whole community. Everyone gets involved with refreshments, parking, ushering, and, of course, listening!

Christmas Concert in Our Chapel

The air was full of the spirit of Christmas as the choir led everyone through musical reflections on the meaning of Christ's birth for the world and for each of us looking for inner peace and true love. Several people told us stories of individuals who had been there who were looking for hope in desperate situations. On Sunday morning at Mass we remembered each of these special people in our prayers. The Founder said, "If we reach just one person, it is all worth it."

Christmas Concert in Our Chapel

Sr. Fay told the story of Christmas along with the children who were present in the chapel. We sang The First Noel together.

Christmas Concert in our Chapel

For both of our concerts the chapel was packed. But the most special guest was a child named Bernadette who is suffering from an incurable disease. She came up and sang with the sisters her favorite song: Perfect Christmas Night. There wasn't a dry eye in the chapel, as we all realized in a new way through one brave child's eyes, what Christmas is all about.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Advent Calendar

We know it is a kids' Advent practice, but as the publishers of My Friend--A Catholic Magazine for Kids, Sr. Virginia and Sr. Thomas always make us a community Advent Calendar to get us ready for the birth of Jesus.

Sr. Laura Brings the Christmas Spirit Home

Sr. Laura is someone who does a lot of community service--enabling sisters to concentrate on the apostolate. It is through her that we receive many donations of food and at this time--Christmsa trees. Yesterday she set up the Christmas tree in the refectory giving it a homey feeling.

Christmas Sanctuary Decorations

Before the Christmas concert the novices always begin decorating the chapel for Christmas to give everyone a bit of the Christmas spirit. The smell of the evergreen everywhere always makes this time of year extra special!

Last Minute Adjustments

Yesterday a Northeaster came through here--thunder and lightening in the midst of a thunderstorm so severe that visibility was almost nill. We had to cancel the concert at St. Theresa's and so are expecting an extra amount of people here tonight and tomorrow.

High Moments from the Concerts

There were many moments that were special for me this past week or so. Coming home and eating together with my sisters around 11 PM after a concert and rising again together the next morning for the Eucharist were especially neat for me this year. I love being together with my sisters and we really had a lot of fun together this year. I was especially moved by our Manhattan Concert. The sound was turned to gold by the arched ceilings and acoustics. But that wasn't what grabbed my attention. The faces of the people were what spoke to me. When we went down to sing in the aisles a Christmas Prayer, "New York City Christmas," I was struck by the number of people moved to tears. People need people in order to experience love and belonging and safety. And people today truly need announcers of the peace on earth that Jesus brings us. These are moments that make me so grateful for my vocation to share Jesus with others. Tonight and tomorrow we are doing our concerts here in Boston after a tremendous snow storm! Everybody now is in the Christmas mood!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Music rings out

Well the singers who will sing on our Christmas string of concerts are doing some last minute practicing for the gala event. The round of concerts begin with a large benefit dinner on Thursday night and 5 more are schedule to take place in New York, New Jersey and Boston.