A Look Inside Our Community

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Respite

A woman taking a respite in a corner we have all set up, just for this. A place of re-charging whether by looking at a book to purchase or just plan sitting in the environment held and enfolded in God's love and peace. We try to offer a hand with whatever peoples needs are. _________________________________

PS I am so disapointed to say that my pictures taken at Thanksgiving this year got erased by mistake. I am sorry not to be able to share that beautiful, fun day with you.

And if anyone wants to write to me directly you can do so at aheady@yahoo.com. The great comments you add I am unable to respond because I do not get your email along with your comments. Thanks and again I am sorry to have let you down about Thanksgiving.

Christmas Rush

Here is Sr Elizabeth helping a mom out with a book which will help her little one understand Advent and the Christmas story. This is just one of the many people who come each day looking for something. And our bookcenter is truly a center of light shining out in today's difficult world for them.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Off To Brazil

Sr Martha and Sr Caremen prepare for their departure to Brazil for an
international convention on Vocations. So we follow them with our prayers

Friday, November 03, 2006

Fall Is Going fast

Sr Ruth is picking leaves and can't seem to stop herself because of the beauty and grace of each leave she saw.

Halloween Fun

This years Halloween party had a theme of historical figures. So everyone had lots of fun being creative with all the scraps and things from the costume closet we have. And some I must admit are hilarious. Here you see Sr. James as Groucho Marx and Sr Madonna as Jauques Coustea. It was a fantastic night of fun and just being together enjoying each others company.