A Look Inside Our Community

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Pressure Is On

The whole community of Boston got involved in a ping pong tournament. In this picture, Sr Madonna and Sr Kim are battling it out while the other players look on waiting with anticipation for their match.

The Qualifying Rounds Continue

Anna Maria and Sr Ruth consoling one another after losing their place at contending for the gold metal. They are cheerful losers wouldn't you say?

Ping Pong Match In Progress

Even our Vice Provincial got involved. Sr Joan and Sr Martha are battling it out to qualify for the next round.

Ping Pong Qualifying Round

Sr Ruth representing Columbia

Friday, February 17, 2006

Running out the door

Sr. Kathryn is almost ready to run out the door to Brazil for an international meeting, leaving a day early before a blizzard hits here in Boston.

Travelling to Be Together

This week all the sisters working on the internet in the congregation are meeting in Brazil for classes and discussions on ways to work together. We often have world-wide meetings, which turn out to be times of renewal as we meet other women from throughout the world that have within them the same desire to love and to spread the name of Jesus and his love.

Spending One's Life

Sr. Domenica Sabia--a sister from Italy who has spent all her life spreading the Gospel in the US among the American people. For her it has been a work of joy!

Love and Service

Dishes are part of everyday life, an opportunity to serve Christ in each other, an opportunity to imitate Christ's service.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Sr. Patricia Edward consulting with Sr. Frances regarding an editorial project. Our apostolate is in many ways an anonymous one. We know very few of the people who have been touched by our books. We often don't touch the fruits of our labors, the way a nurse or a teacher might. But our Founder always told us that in heaven we will be surprised by all the people who will come up to us and thank us. We will say, "But I never met you!" They will say, but I read the book you printed, or the music you wrote.

Postmistresses of God

Sr. Carmen and the Postulants are learning Order Entry--so that they can help our Order Entry crew keep up with the orders we are receiving over the phone and the web. Our Founder called us "postmistresses of God."

Coffee Hour in Miami

In Miami we have started a new initiative: A Coffee Hour for young adults one evening a month. Along with coffee and fellowship the sisters provide live praise music and a chance to be together and strengthen one's faith. Starbuck's step aside!