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Monday, October 15, 2007

Pre- Novices

Hurray! Julie, Kelly and Neville are back from their annual retreat. Soon they will enter Novitiate which is an official step in continuing their dream to become a Daughter of St Paul. They previously to retreat, had been residing in our community of St Louis where they began their initial formation and insertion into our apostolic mission. We are glad to welcome Julie, Neville and Kelly back among us.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Chapter Delegates

We have the sisters we elected to represent our Province of the United States at the General Chapter, back home. There were over 54 countries participating.

Mother General

This past month our congregation held our 9th General Chapter. Every 6 years each religious congregation has a meeting called a General Chapter. This is a grace-filled time for all the sisters of the congregation. It is a time to look over the past six years and filled with gratitude we thank God for the many ways he has guided our life (as a congregation and individually). It is also the time when we look to the future with trust and a discerning heart (listening to the Spirit) to see how God may be calling us to continue on our journey of spreading the Gospel through the media to the people of today.

It is also during this time that an election is held for a Superior General. This sister is called by God to serve the congregation in the position of leadership (for 6yrs). It is not an easy task, but she who is called by God embraces it with humility and trust that she will receive the graces needed from the Master.

This year Sr. Antonieta Bruscato (Brazilian) has been elected a second term to be our Superior General. She responded in this way: “The Congregation belongs to God and we are all his servants. In saying ‘yes,’ I offer my service to him and to the Congregation. My thanks to all of you.” Please join us in continuing to pray for her!