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Thursday, September 28, 2006


A final farwell as the mini van moved out to the airport where they will catch a plane heading for beautiful St Louis the site of the real golden arches.


Taking off for the airport headed for St Louis the home of the Golden Arches.

Last minute preparations

Everyone was running around with last minute reminders to some of us. As well as gathering last minute things such as water and lunches and Ipods to take up time on the plane. You know all that good stuff.

Postulant Departure

The day finally had come. A day that the postulants were excited about but also apprehensive about since it would be a new place. It was also a day of sadness for them and for us!! We will certainly miss their enthusiastic joy and their friendship as we helped each other journey and enrich together our Pauline mission.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I Am Sorry

I am so sorry and yes I am going to continue this blog. Over the past months there have been so many deadlines and many programs and pictures for events that have had to be taken the blog has suffered. I promise to keep up more regularly now and even more since, I have hear from so many, how you have missed it.
Summer is over. Do I hear a big groan? Every year at the end of summer we have a picnic in the back yard with all our employees and their families which has always been a load of fun and this year was no exception.